Help students flourish academically image

Help students flourish academically

Send our graduates forth to serve as pastors, chaplains, non-profit leaders, and as global witnesses to the Gospel

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$10,000 goal

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Help our students flourish academically

The day of graduation demonstrates clearly what our mission is about. The good work of the seminary is on display as God-called leaders receive their degrees. Your gifts help make this possible.

We send them forth to serve churches as pastors; to hospitals, hospice, and the military as chaplains; to non-profits as leaders to work for justice and mercy; to serve globally as faithful witnesses to the Gospel; and, some, to their professions prior to seminary, which are conduits for ministry. Will you make a gift to help support the tuition needs of students and becoming a part of their ministries?

Commencement is always a celebrative time. Families gather to offer further support of their graduate. Faculty and students put on the ancient academic robes to remind us that we “love the Lord with our minds,” and board members attend as those who hold the seminary in trust.

Thank you for supporting our mission. I pray that you will make a one-time gift or set up a repeating gift today.

Molly T. Marshall