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We have a large group of new students this Fall. Biblical Interpretation with Dr. May has over 30 students in it—10 or so who meet on campus and more than 20 who join virtually from around the United States. One evening recently as those on campus filed out of class, they joined students Albert and Joy (who also works in the library where the classroom is located), and Nathan, one of Central's recruitment officers, in a conversation in which they were already involved. Someone needed Joy's help on the computer. Others began to work out who was going to be driving this or that person home. A few students hung back to talk with Dr. May. As they got ready to leave, a student asked Nathan to take their picture [see photo above].

"When I clicked the button to capture the picture, something clicked in my mind too. This was a snapshot of Central's tagline: Personal, Global, Horizonal, Online."

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