Be a Champion for Peace and Nonviolence

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We are fundraising for PEACE...

In early 2017, Central announced a new partnership with Sharon and Dan Buttry in working for peace and nonviolence. While not new areas of interest for Central, working more collaboratively with Sharon and Dan, Central hopes to enhance their ongoing efforts in these areas. We can now announce the creation of the Buttry Center for Peace and Nonviolence.

Sharon Buttry expressed high hopes for this innovative collaboration: "What if every youth and adult leader in the world could be trained in conflict transformation? With today's technology and Central's amazing commitment to educate people for peace, this new partnership can reach the world like never before. I am hopeful that 'the things that make for peace' will capture the attention of many and make conflict transformative. My dream is that someday people will say, 'Violence? What was that?' Praise God for visionary leaders and institutions like International Ministries and Central that make dreams come true!"

Central is thrilled to be working on bringing peace and nonviolence to even greater focus and access through this collaboration. President Marshall said,"Central honors the Gospel work of the Buttrys. We are thankful for their witness and are grateful for the opportunity for further collaboration in the future."

The Buttry Center is a commitment and a dream. Help us make it a reality with your financial support. Dan and Sharon work tirelessly, so with your financial participation, the Buttry Center could achieve amazing and much needed change for peace and nonviolence. Your gift of $100, or $500, or $1,000 will help establish the Buttry Lecture and creation of the Buttry Center. Be a champion of peace. Help Dan and Sharon continue to enhance the ministry of peace and nonviolence through Central.