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Help Others Like Dezo Find Their Voice...

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Help Others Like Dezo Find Their Voice...

Meet Louisenie “Dezo” Desauguste

Three years ago I was really searching to find my life's calling, my vocation. Rev. Steve Jones, my pastor, encouraged me to consider Central and even took me to the campus for a visit and to introduce me to President Molly T. Marshall. She and other faculty members helped me to discern what God was calling me to do. Central's staff actively care about students and work with us to help us succeed. Like me, many women continue to struggle to find their voice. Central empowered me to find mine.

When I started classes at Central, I was receiving some financial support from friends who wanted to help me find my calling, but when that support was no longer available, Central made it possible for me to continue with my studies. I could not have completed my degree program (I finished classes in August and will graduate in May) without the generosity of those who give to support Central.

Today I am serving as co-pastor of an historic American Baptist Church. I am extremely grateful for all who have supported me as I found my voice. People like you are helping many women and men find their voices. Please help me repay Central Seminary for the financial assistance they made available for me to complete my studies and become who I am today. Give a gift today!

Watch the video below to hear "Dezo's" own Voice...